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Bridge2Ukraine the increase evident in demand among European companies seeking markets in Ukraine 19.02.2010

Topfwell Consulting Ukraine Ltd. which brought to market the agency Bridge2Ukraine in May 2009 notes a growing interest in the agency’s services among the Western European producers. 

"It was quite difficult to promote Ukraine as a consumer of quality goods and services throughout 2009. However, with the end of the election campaign in Ukraine, we felt a surge of interest in Ukraine among the producers of Western Europe ", - said managing partner of Bridge2Ukraine Artem Mirgorodskyi.
Bridge2Ukraine specializes in creating conditions for the entry of products on the Ukrainian market, including the hire and training of young Ukrainian specialists for the work within export departments of European companies selling in Ukraine.
Co-founder of the company, Oleg Tkachenko, says: "We still wonder that nobody in Ukraine develops this service from beginning to end. We started receiving the first letters of reference from our clients because we introducted clear procedures of collaboration in research and trade with Ukraine. We speak 4 foreign languages and adhere to European ethical principles and business practices. Recently we have started receiving offers from Ukrainian enterprises, which need to develop a corporate sales departments in Kyiv and assist in bringing products to Western markets".

Since the beginning of the year Bridge2Ukraine signed 4 contracts for the complex services of sales development in Ukraine, with a total budget of over EUR 1 million in industries such as furniture, interior and fire rated doors, stone processing, men's clothing and food..


Bridge2Ukraine partnership for research and trade is a subsidiary of Topfwell Consulting Ukraine. Bridge2Ukraine in Ukraine is the only organization that systematically works on Western European markets and represents Ukrainian distributors and manufacturers. Company representatives attend European factories, specialized exhibitions and meet with the Chambers of Commerce. In 2009 Bridge2Ukraine opened representative offices in Moldova and Jordan.


For investors: new entry
Novokahovskyi Lime-Sand Brick Plant

Purposes of company: Investments
Company description:

Market Overview:  Construction volume is increasing 20-25% annually, creating an increased demand for high quality façade bricks. The industrial capacity of façade bricks is estimated at 200 million bricks per year. In 2006, a construction boom is expected in southern Ukraine, where the plant is located. The product is used mainly by construction companies and private companies.

Project Overview:

  • Using KSE-400 (Germany)
  • Equipment supplier offers trainings for the buyer’s staff
  • Can produce 30 million bricks per year including high quality hollow façade bricks, ordinary bricks, molded bricks, white and colored bricks

Competitive Advantages:

  • Production of lime-sand bricks is considerably more energy efficient than the production of ceramic bricks. Moreover, the project envisions the reconstruction of one of the two pit-type 50-ton lime-burning kilns; using coal, automatic blending, loading, and burning will save on gas
  • Plant produces its own lime; a sand-pit is located close to the plant
  • No high quality lime-sand hollow bricks are produced in southern Ukraine
  • Due to the considerable decrease in the weight of the bricks, delivery and transportation becomes much easier; bricks can be transported by auto, railway (via the plant’s rail track), or by water (a river port is 8 km away)
    Investment Project Progress:  Market research has been conducted

Key Financials:

  • Total Investment - € 1.5 mln
  • Investment Needed - € 1.5 mln
  • Payoff period - 5 years

Branch: Construction materials
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Purposes of company: Investments
Company description:   
Branch: Construction materials
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For Buyers: new entry

Purposes of company: Export
Company description:  
Branch: Construction materials
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Purposes of company: Distribution
Branch: Furniture
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