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Made in Ukraine: Construction Materials Investment Forum 21.12.2005 - 21.12.2005

March 23-24, 2006, Kyiv hosted Made in Ukraine: Construction Materials Investment Forum, the second event in the “Made in Ukraine” series organized by BIZPRO and the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

The series is designed to highlight trade and investment opportunities in Ukraine’s most promising industries. The first event, “Made in Ukraine: Furniture and Home Furnishings Fair” (October 2005, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine), was a matchmaking forum, introducing 35 of the best Ukrainian producers of furniture and home furnishings to international and domestic wholesalers, retailers and importers seeking new suppliers.

Made in Ukraine: Construction Materials Investment Forum showcased the most promising investment projects in the construction materials industry, including strategic partnerships with Ukrainian enterprises from across the nation, as well as green- and brownfield opportunities offered by regional authorities. In addition, the forum hosted a number of auxiliary events aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of the Ukrainian construction materials sector and addressing pressing sector issues, such as product certification and standardization.

Organized in partnership with Ukrainian Building Materials, Made in Ukraine: Construction Materials Investment Forum was held within the framework of the 5th International Festival “Building and Architecture 2006” at the KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Center (2-b Salutna Street, Kyiv Ukraine), March 22-26, 2006. The festival is the nation’s largest construction event, with nearly 1,000 exhibitors occupying an area of 40,000m2.

Investment forum organizers:

  • BIZPRO – part of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s efforts to improve the economic development of Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus. In Ukraine, BIZPRO develops strategic partnerships and helps the public and private sector implement initiatives to improve Ukraine's competitiveness in the global economy.
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine – the premier international business association in Ukraine uniting leading companies from 50 nations across the globe. Established in 1992, the Chamber represents a majority of the direct foreign investment in Ukraine and is focused upon adding value to its membership by protecting their interests in Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian Building Materials (Ukrbudmaterialy) – the leading construction materials concern in Ukraine uniting 115 factories and enterprises from different subsectors of the industry, including glass, ceramic, walling materials, dry building mixtures, non-ore building materials, roofing, polymeric and sanitary-engineering materials.

Attendance at Made in Ukraine: Construction Materials Investment Forum is free of charge for registered participants. For registration information and event details, please visit the “Made in Ukraine Fairs” website or contact the organizers directly at the following coordinates:

Contact Persons: Courtney Zukoski or Victoria Yakovleva
Telephone: +380 44 490-3350, Fax: +380 44 496-7728


For investors: new entry
Novokahovskyi Lime-Sand Brick Plant

Purposes of company: Investments
Company description:

Market Overview:  Construction volume is increasing 20-25% annually, creating an increased demand for high quality façade bricks. The industrial capacity of façade bricks is estimated at 200 million bricks per year. In 2006, a construction boom is expected in southern Ukraine, where the plant is located. The product is used mainly by construction companies and private companies.

Project Overview:

  • Using KSE-400 (Germany)
  • Equipment supplier offers trainings for the buyer’s staff
  • Can produce 30 million bricks per year including high quality hollow façade bricks, ordinary bricks, molded bricks, white and colored bricks

Competitive Advantages:

  • Production of lime-sand bricks is considerably more energy efficient than the production of ceramic bricks. Moreover, the project envisions the reconstruction of one of the two pit-type 50-ton lime-burning kilns; using coal, automatic blending, loading, and burning will save on gas
  • Plant produces its own lime; a sand-pit is located close to the plant
  • No high quality lime-sand hollow bricks are produced in southern Ukraine
  • Due to the considerable decrease in the weight of the bricks, delivery and transportation becomes much easier; bricks can be transported by auto, railway (via the plant’s rail track), or by water (a river port is 8 km away)
    Investment Project Progress:  Market research has been conducted

Key Financials:

  • Total Investment - € 1.5 mln
  • Investment Needed - € 1.5 mln
  • Payoff period - 5 years

Branch: Construction materials
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Purposes of company: Investments
Company description:   
Branch: Construction materials
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Purposes of company: Export
Company description:  
Branch: Construction materials
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Purposes of company: Distribution
Branch: Furniture
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